She Leads 2020

She Leads 2020

Each year since 2013, we have produced an incredible conference for global women leaders and entrepreneurs. Like all great companies, we are in the midst of evolution and transformation.That’s why our 2020 conference may feel a bit different. It will be more highly curated, with fewer speakers and fewer attendees who are very serious about moving their businesses to the next level. This is not a conference for those who seek to passively sit in the audience. This is for women who want to dive deep and do the work that it takes to successfully grow, expand, scale and create massive visibility for themselves and their businesses.

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The Benefits of Podcasting for Your Business

The Benefits of Podcasting for Your Business


Do you want to be known for inspiring people with your innovative ideas, fresh perspective and unique voice?  Do you want to benefit your business or your personal brand in a really impactful way? 

Many of my clients and women who attend my She Leads conferences and events often ask me how to become a thought leader and get their message out into the world.  They’ve found it challenging to make a name for themselves in this screaming match of politics, sea of social media and digital marketing environment where companies with big budgets can spend heavily to gain customers’ attention.

While there’s no doubt it’s challenging to get your message heard, there are strategies and tactics that can effectively set you apart.  One of my favorite recommendations specifically for women is to start a podcast!  While this may sound intimidating, let me explain all the reasons why this is a key differentiator.

First and foremost, a podcast is a powerful platform that allows you to share your opinions, thoughts, perspectives and expertise on topics that are most important to you and to your target audience.  In general, people are intrigued by listening to others share their well-thought out opinions, learning from other’s successes and failures and simply listening in to an interesting conversation or interview.  As a podcast host, you can use your distinctive voice to demonstrate your authority. And, as an entrepreneur, your brand is more than just the products you sell or the services you offer. Your brand is you.
People need to relate to the brands from which they purchase products and services. They are seeking connection and meaning.  Podcasts allow you to share yourself with a wide audience and make that personal connection!  Plus, new content will help your brand from an SEO perspective, as search algorithms reward websites with new and relevant content.  This, in turn will help you to attract new audience to your website where you can start a conversation.

When people follow their favorite brands on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they want more than simply just product information.  They’re typically interested in content published by the brand that’s relevant to their needs. A podcast is a compelling form of content that can be consumed on the move.  People can listen in their cars, while doing work on the computer or while exercising or doing other activities or household chores.  It doesn’t require the same type of attention as watching a video, but is a great way to maintain a high level of engagement.

Everyone knows that you need to have a strong and engaging presence on social media, but not everyone is willing to start and maintain her own podcast.  By hosting your own podcast, you can gain a competitive edge and demonstrate your expertise in inspiring and insightful ways that helps you improve your brand image, expand your reach and stand out as a thought leader.  And as you build your fan base, you’re also building a list of potential customers.

According to Convince and Convert, 67 million Americans listen to podcasts monthly with the average podcast fan listening to 5 shows per week. The podcast audience is an incredibly diverse and curious group of listeners who actively search for the most innovative voices and insightful perspectives.
For this reason, many extraordinary women have already tapped into the power of podcasting to produce some of the most successful podcasts to date. Here are some examples of influential podcasts from the female entrepreneur’s perspective:

Farnoosh Torabi: So Money 
Farnoosh’s So Money was awarded #1 Female-Hosted Podcast of 2017 by Entrepreneur Magazine. Her daily show features candid conversations about money with top business minds who talk about their successes, philosophies, habits, and even their failures. And the best part? Every Friday, Farnoosh answers her listener’s biggest questions on just about anything on work, money, and career.

Sophia Amoruso: Girlboss Radio 
The founder of NastyGal, Sophia Amoruso, also hosts a successful weekly podcast that is fun, quirky, and most of all, honest. Girlboss Radio features female entrepreneurs who share their stories and the valuable lessons they’ve learned from the absurdities of life while also running their businesses.

Jess Lively: The Lively Show 
Guided by her intuition, Jess Lively went from growing the accessory company she started when she was 15 to a thriving full-time career to blogging to hosting The Lively Show. Her podcast allows her to help and inspire her listeners to navigate through everything in life with topics that range from food, money, motherhood, wellness, style, and business and career. She digs deeper into entrepreneurship and how to use your “gut feelings” to help you when you’re stuck at those defining crossroads in your life.

Emma Gannon: Ctrl Alt Delete
Former social media editor of British Glamour, Emma Gannon, has had some pretty awesome guests on her show Ctrl Alt Delete like Elizabeth Gilbert, Gillian Anderson, and Lena Dunham. Her wildly successful podcast discusses everything related to work, social media, careers, and the unique relationships her guests have with the Internet.

Anne Bogel: What Should I Read Next? 
On What Should I Read Next?, the “Modern Mrs. Darcy,” Anne Bogel, interviews readers about the books they love, hate, and the books they’re currently reading.  Anne uses her insights, intuition, deep knowledge of the literary world, and her uncanny psychological gifts to prescribe her guests with what they should read next.

Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams: 2 Dope Queens 
2 Dope Queens is a live comedy show featuring two best friends doing what they do best – making people laugh while talking candidly about everything from romance to sex to race and even their hair journeys.  They’ve featured hilarious guests like Fred Armisen, Kevin Bacon, Eric Andre, and Pat Brown.

Beyond the incredible podcasts hosted by influential, interesting and hilarious women that we’ve mentioned above who’ve already made a name for themselves, there are so many other amazing women whose podcasts you can check out before you decide that podcasting is right for you.

You can search for articles that provide lists like this one on Buzzfeed: 13 Podcasts By Women You Should Be Listening To Right Now to see what style resonates with you.

My advice to everyone is don’t be afraid to get started.  If you do homework on equipment you may need and plan out your first several shows, there’s no reason to fear putting voice out there.  Remember –  the secret to a successful thought-provoking podcast is knowing your voice, your audience, and being authentic.

So go ahead and start a podcast, ladies!  Your audience is waiting to hear from you!

What do you want to talk about?  What is your dream podcast?  Let me know in the comments below.

She Leads 2019 – Why attend?

She Leads 2019 – Why attend?

She Leads 2019

The 7th annual She Leads conference for women leaders & entrepreneurs takes place in New York City on Friday, October 25, 2019. For those seeking a special experience, we will also be hosting a VIP Thursday, October 24th.

This conference is truly one of the best IF you are interested in gaining the most practical, actionable advice in one of the most progressive cities in the entire world from a company passionately committed to women.

She Leads conference speakers are thoroughly committed to women, and focused on offering incredible advice for attendees to learn, grow, network, & achieve personal & professional dreams. We design a warm, welcoming environment to gain new clients, form strategic partnerships, & grow personally + professionally.

If you’re interested in investing in yourself & doing the strategic work necessary to take yourself & your leadership to the next level, this day can be transformational. I promise you, you will be glad you showed up.

As a solo-preneur, a woman business owner or a woman business leader, it can get lonely. At the conference, you will be surrounded by like-minded, supportive people.

This is NOT a conference of shine without substance. This is NOT a conference where you will be inspired, but left not knowing what steps to take. This is NOT a conference for women who want to discuss issues without resolutions & plans.

The She Leads conference is a conference of deep learning and action. Join us on October 25th.

Tickets are available for purchase now at the early bird rate: Register TODAY

12 Minute Conversation with Engel Jones

12 Minute Conversation with Engel Jones

I recently had the honor of being interviewed on a podcast hosted by Engel Jones. He is an incredible man from Trinidad and Tobago who has created a project of interviewing 1,000 people in a 12-minute format conversation.

12 minute convos with Engel Jones

I didn’t know what to expect when I received his call, but I could not have been more thrilled to speak with him. This was THE MOST fun podcast interview I ever had the pleasure of being on! Thank you Engel Jones for surprising me with your questions and taking me back to some great memories. I appreciate what you are doing for people by helping them to get their wonderful stories into the world.

Please tune into my 12-minute podcast interview, and listen in to all of the other interviews as well. I’m certain you’ll find something interesting!

WinTrade 2018 – London

WinTrade 2018 – London

What an honor it is for She Leads to be the winner for the International WinTrade award for Independent Business Women’s Network, which we received in May, during a jam-packed and woman-first WinTrade week in London.

The WinTrade organization recognized that the She Leads conferences, produced by She Leads Media, attracts ambitious and powerful women from all over the world who attend the SheLeads conference, year after year, since 2013.  These brilliant and brave women go on to build, grow and scale influential businesses that are mission-driven and often times very personal.

As the CEO and founder of She Leads Media, and the producer of the annual She Leads conference, I am extremely proud of how our organization is growing and serving women entrepreneurs and leaders.

The She Leads organization is so much more than just a conference – it’s a community of women leaders, women entrepreneurs, and women influencers from all over the world.  Additionally, The She Leads boutique marketing and public relations consultancy is how we service women-led businesses in a custom, one-on-one manner so that we can dive into, discover and promote these brilliant businesses, one at a time.

We’re always ‘open for business’ and look forward to hearing from you – powerful global women leaders and entrepreneurs.

Join us in NYC in October for our conference, sign up for our mastermind groups, or reach out to discover how we can help you to gain the visibility you deserve!

Our website has all of the information about the She Leads 2018 conference and our boutique marketing consulting services, so please take a moment to visit  We would love to hear from you!

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