School, Careers, and the Future Amidst a Global Pandemic: A Young Woman’s Perspective

School, Careers, and the Future Amidst a Global Pandemic: A Young Woman’s Perspective

The future is unpredictable. But lately, unpredictable has taken on a whole new level of meaning. With the rise of Covid-19, people everywhere have been forced to rethink their futures and plan for the unknown. As a young woman who is preparing for her future and getting ready to start a career, Covid-19 has turned my whole world upside down. For example, I like to plan. Ideally, every minute of my day is written down in my planner and my phone is set with alerts to remind me to complete even the simplest of tasks. Routines are essential in every one of my endeavors, big or small. But, with everything happening in the world, that has changed. The pandemic has left college students and younger generations wondering what their futures will look like. Figuring out the future is already hard, add in a global pandemic and it seems nearly impossible. For us women who have entered and are preparing to enter the workforce, where does that leave us? The odds are already not always for us and creating a sustainable career can already be challenging to grab ahold of and keep. I interviewed several other interns from She Leads Media to get their take on how the pandemic is affecting their future, plans, careers, and how they are now planning for the future in the midst of a global pandemic. Here are some of their thoughts:

Olivia Koutsky: “For me it wasn’t the fear as much, it was more what do I do when I’m not obliged to do anything. So, I’m sitting at home and I’m thinking more about what do I want to do and what do I love. So, I was torn between sociology and English when I was choosing my major because I’m going to be a college Freshman this year…. I started doing more sociology related internships and I’m listening to the news more right now. Before, earlier this year, everything sounded like if I were doing sociology, everything would be more detached and theoretical. I’d be looking at large groups of numbers instead of people one on one but I’m realizing that’s not the case now that I’m listening to all the Coronavirus news. Another thing is I’m realizing that this is a lot deeper than what I thought it was going in, and it’s because I’m learning about all the suffering today.”

Abby Marmer: “As a recent college grad, I definitely have had to re-think the way I would be spending this transitional period of my life. As a go-go and motivated person, I had been hoping to move to a major city right away after graduation, find a corporate job, check off the boxes, do all the ‘adult’ things, and start my life. I sort of had this idealized image all throughout college, it was what I thought I wanted. But I’m extremely grateful for this extended period of time spent at home because it has shown me that there is much more to life than jumping right into the rush of the workforce. There is a lot we can learn about ourselves when we simply slow down and take time to go inward.” 

Julia Cremin: “I’m interested in pursuing multiple industries as I begin my career, but the work that I’ve found to be fulfilling and a lot of fun has been events. It’s been my goal for a while to work somewhere that produces live events, and I’ve had to rethink that through this pandemic. Not only do I miss the event work that I was doing pre-pandemic, but I’ve had to consider how this industry will change as time progresses. A lot of my time in college has been focused on honing my interests and discovering what I’d like to do in my career and this year has left me having to reconsider my options.”

Abby Cho: “There have been positives and negatives to the new workflow that the pandemic has produced.  Before COVID, I definitely didn’t think I could pursue a digital career.  I was looking forward to working in a corporate office and starting a ‘9-to-5′ schedule.  In my head, I was imagining taking BART into San Francisco to go to an office where I would sit at a desk and work until it was time to go home, and every day would follow that same schedule.  Thanks to the pandemic, I have been able to work multiple jobs remotely. I spend my time sitting at my desk in my apartment, doing work for people that I’ve never met in person. I have been able to pursue so many different paths, from podcast editing to writing and social media content creation.” 

Internships, jobs, and even education look extremely different for the future. No one truly knows what the new normal will look like. Plans are subject to change, futures are unknown, and careers are beginning to look different. The one thing I have learned from this pandemic is that nothing is guaranteed. This simple phrase is one that I think should encourage young women everywhere to chase after their dreams and not look back, no matter what anyone says.

Marketing Week NYC Kickoff Event: Meet the Founders of the Online Fashion Revolution 6/16

Marketing Week NYC Kickoff Event: Meet the Founders of the Online Fashion Revolution 6/16

Please join us on Monday, June 16th, along with the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce for a fun, interactive panel discussion featuring the founders of Gilt Groupe, Birchbox, Rent the Runway and Baublebar. These incredible women will discuss their business models, use of technology and creative marketing platforms. As we have seen the idea of fashion, shopping and commerce evolve, these women have led the revolution with their highly successful new business platforms. Sign Up Today!

Panelists include:


Alexis Maybank is the Founder & Strategic Advisor of Gilt Groupe. In 2007, Alexis and a founding team conceived of and built Gilt, and in doing so, revolutionized the landscape of luxury ecommerce and the way millions of people shop online. She has held several positions at Gilt since its inception, including serving as the company’s initial CEO.


Haley Barna is the Co-Founder, Birchbox; the discovery retail company changing the way women and men shop or beauty, grooming and lifestyle products. Through its multi-­-channel platform, the Birchbox experience features personalized sampling, informative editorial content and a handpicked online store.


Jenny Hyman is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Rent the Runway, a business that has transformed the retail industry by making designer dress and accessory rentals a convenient and accessible luxury experience for millions of women. Since Rent the Runway’s launch in November 2009, Jennifer has had led and built all areas of the business and currently oversees marketing, technology, product, and analytics.


Daniella Yacobovsky is Co-Founder of Baublebar, a one-stop retailer for affordable fashion jewelry with aspirational and accessible luxury looks fit for any occasion. Daniella conceived BaubleBar with her Co-Founder Amy Jain during a project at business school and the two decided to turn the concept into a viable business. Previously, she worked in finance at American Capital Securities and at UBS Investment Bank. She holds a B.S. from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

Jill Kaplan, Vice President & Publisher of Crain’s New York Business and joined the magazine in September 2006. To read Jill Kaplan’s full bio, please click here.


  • 8:00 – 8:30 AM: Registration & Networking
  • 8:30 – 9:30 AM: Panel discussion
  • 9:30 – 9:45 AM: Q&A
  • 9:45 – 10:30 AM: Networking

MCC Members: $35
Non-Members: $50

Sign Up Today!


Microsoft, 11 Times Square, 6th Floor (entrance on 8th Ave between 41st and 42nd)

Renata Mutis Black

Renata Mutis Black

Renata M BlackRenata Mutis Black, the founder of Seven Bar Foundation and Empowered By You, has created a new blueprint for philanthropy. Her mission is to develop sustainable business models that generate consistent revenue streams to fuel microfinance and drive social impact.

Orphaned as a toddler, Black was raised in Miami by her Aunt. Alone, at age 15, she relocated to her native country, Colombia, where she discovered that a large portion of the population lived in extreme poverty. She realized she was witnessing what could have become her life and that she had been given her first break before she was old enough to know it. Black then made a commitment to give a “first break” to as many women as possible in honor of the chance that she was given as a child.

After completing a degree in Journalism and Psychology from The University of North Carolina, Black traveled to 12 countries throughout the world and discovered the local cultures through volunteer work. However, it was the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami that refined Black’s vision about how she could empower women. While in India to help rebuild villages shattered by the catastrophic flooding, she was approached by a woman who inspired her. “She was strong-voiced, with piercing eyes,” recalls Black, “and she said to me – I donʼt want your money, I want you to teach me how to make it myself, will you?” This poignant request ignited her to start studying microfinance and its impact on impoverished communities under the teachings of 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus in Bangladesh. Renata was further motivated by the fact that 60% of the women in the world live on less than $1 a day.

Black returned to India in 2005 to establish a grassroots microfinance program with 800 local women. During this time she created Seven Bar Foundation, a 501(c) 3, whose mission is to provide women with loans that enable them to start or grow their own small businesses, via microfinance. Through this experience Black witnessed how a loan of $50 could empower a woman to start her own business, cut the cycle of poverty for her children and provide another woman with the same opportunity once the loan was repaid.

Having experienced Indian culture for two years, Black developed a deep understanding of the respect sari-covered women held for something as intimate as their lingerie. With this appreciation, Black returned to the states where she saw the need for a societal paradigm shift – to reposition lingerie as a tool of empowerment as opposed to one of seduction. To raise funds for microfinance loans and spread the message of female empowerment, Black created and trademarked luxury lingerie shows in the top 15 cities featuring designers such as Agent Provocateur, Atsuko Kudo and Carine Gilson. Thus far, Lingerie Miami, Lingerie New York and Lingerie London have garnered over four billion media impressions and the support of celebrities like Eva Longoria and Sofia Vergara.

In 2012, Black launched Empowered By You, a lingerie brand with the ethos ʻWhat Empowers You, Empowers Women Everywhere.ʼ The lingerie is produced in Sri Lanka at a facility that has won UN Awards for championing the UN’s Women Empowerment Principals. 20% of all net profits generated from sales of the high-tech panties are donated to the Seven Bar Foundation. Often referred to as the Toms Shoes of lingerie, each Empowered By You package includes an insert with a personal testimonial from a woman who has received a loan from the Seven Bar Foundation to start her own business. Renata is an expert in female entrepreneurship, women empowerment and paradigm shifts. She has spoken about female empowerment and women in business at numerous institutions, most recently at the United Nations and Harvard Business School. Deepak Chopra has dedicated a chapter to Renata in his book, “The Soul of Leadership.” She writes a blog for the Huffington Post called, “Paradigm Shifters” and is featured as a MAKER on AOL.

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14) Participate in a highly anticipated panel discussion with Geri Stengel, founder of Ventureneer/Forbes contributor, Vivian Giang, of Fast Company, Liz O’Donnell of Double Forte PR and Christine Lagorio-Chafkin, of Inc.

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Womancon 2015

September 29, from 9:00am – 6:30pm Digital Sandbox in New York City

Get Ready for Pitch the Media at Womancon2015! Special Offer for Attendees Only

Get Ready for Pitch the Media at Womancon2015! Special Offer for Attendees Only

Experience an exclusive media training session designed to get you “pitch ready” for TV producers, print/online reporters and magazine editors.

IMG_4412Beyond PR Group is offering a special 1 hour session (space is limited) to Womancon 2015 attendees led by seasoned media pros who have secured broadcast bookings on the Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, Rachael Ray, Kelly & Michael, Fox News Channel and more. This powerful session will arm you with indispensable advice to effectively pitch media.

This one hour workshop is limited to 10 attendees per session.

  • Receive professional feedback on your elevator pitch, and how to craft it into a story that resonates with media.
  • Develop key message points for your brand.
  • Media training tips to get you primed and ready for Womancon’s “Pitch the Media Session” and your next press interview!
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September 24th
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Beth Feldman is the co-founder of BeyondPR Group and has over two decades of experience in entertainment and lifestyle public relations. Feldman previously served as a vice president for the CBS Communications Group, spearheading PR efforts on behalf of four divisions of the company Ativan relieves you of anxiety, meaning it is an anxiolytic drug including entertainment, marketing, consumer products and digital media outreach. She is also the founder of Role Mommy, an online community, events company and blogger network that works regularly with major entertainment and consumer brands.

Lisa Hanlon is co-founder of BeyondPR group and is a seasoned publicist of over 20 years with professional contacts across business and lifestyle press outlets. She regularly books segments and stories across press outlets from The New York Times and Associated Press to the Today Show and Good Morning America. She has headed up PR campaigns for major brands including Voyce, Isabella Rose Taylor, The American Academy of Pediatrics, Babies”R”Us, FamilyFun, Sony and LeapFrog to name a few.

Barbara Fight is a seven-time Emmy-award winning writer and producer with extensive experience working with celebrities, authors, chefs, human-interest guests and experts in home design, health and pets. Her credits as a TV producer include Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, NBC News’ Later Today, The Martha Stewart Show and Meredith Vieira Show. Barbara is now the president of Fight Media Strategies, a full-service public relations and media training company. In her current role, she works closely with editors and producers of newspapers, magazines, television, blogs, web and radio, as well as media-trains clients for appearances. Barbara’s written work has appeared in major print and online publications across the country.


9 Things You Need To Stop Doing If You Want To Be Successful

9 Things You Need To Stop Doing If You Want To Be Successful

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