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Explore uniquely designed coursed by leading experts to meet your specific needs!

She Leads Media is an educational resource for women leaders and entrepreneurs. Every year since 2013, we have produced an annual conference where we bring experts and thought leaders to the stage to share their tips, tools, best practices and advice for you on how to lead  & grow.  We have created these highly interactive and engaging labs for YOU – so that you can gain this knowledge throughout the year. 

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Visbility Lab

Learn how to gain the visibility you and your brand deserve.  Get picked up and covered by the media, grow your brand, grow your influence and authority.

Podcasting Lab

Uncover the myriad of ways that podcasting can help you – whether that’s building your network, uncovering your voice, or providing people with a source of inspiration.  We demystify technology, tools and planning in order to help you to find your voice and build an audience that is uber-interested in YOU and what you have to say.  Don’t miss this fun and engaging lab!

Marketing Lab

One of the most challenging aspects of running a company is creating a flexible and efficient marketing plan that is dynamic and changes with your business.  Learn how to develop that exact plan by using our proprietary “RAMP” (Rapid Assessment Marketing Plan) system to get you doing the things that work, and putting aside the things that don’t!

Social Media Marketing Lab

Social Media can be confusing and overwhelming.  With new networks and shiny objects vying for our attention everyday, how can we know how to leverage social media to help us to grow our brand and influence our target audience?  Learn how to listen, share and engage on platforms that make a difference to you and your business.

Networking Lab

Networking is an art and a science, and there are as many ways to effectively network as there are snowflakes!!  Let us uncover, together, what can work best for you and your personal networking style so you can leverage your strengths to grow a powerful network that works for you!

Procrastination Lab

Our expert instructor, Dr. Christine Li, has intently studied the art of procrastination for, practically, her entire career.   She is an expert in overcoming procrastination and helping you do the things that will make a positive difference to your business and your life.  Don’t miss out on this incredible lab led by a heart-centered, genuine and warm soul.

Opportunities for Personal & Business Growth

The She Leads Engagement Labs were created for YOU!  Over the years, we have heard from so many of you that you’re looking for both information and connections.   Our Engagement Labs are designed to be highly interactive and highly impactful.  We’re looking to help you to get farther, faster so you can make an impact!