SHE LEADS 2019 Conference
Build Your Brand. Grow Your Business. Lead Your Best Life.

Join Us on Friday, November 22nd for She Leads 2019: THE conference for women leaders 
You don't want to miss this very special conference, where high level experts come together with women who are serious about LEADING in all aspects of their lives: Personal, Business, and Community.
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She Leads™Media provides women leaders from all over the world with super-practical and actionable advice - both original content production and content curated from incredible, global experts - on a variety of critical topics like women's leadership and empowerment, building businesses that scale and deliver profit, marketing for impact, public relations and visibility, networking and relationship building, personal branding and visibility.   

Our mission is to showcase women leaders in order to inspire everyone to see leadership through a more diverse and broader lens. 

We seek to empower women to launch and grow businesses to acheive leadership status, economic freedom, prosperity and influence.  

You are able to experience this through our incredible She Leads private online community, our annual She Leads conference series, now in its 7th year, and on a more intimate basis via our marketing and public relations services for women leaders and entrepreneurs.  

You will also soon be able to experience even more content through our media division which is dedicated to curating and producing original podcast, video and other content that's specifically designed to both inspire and give super-practical and actionable advice.

Check back often to see what we've launched, and to inquire about how we can work more closely together.


Take it from the previous She Leads conference and events attendees who have secured new clients, expanded their business, formed new and meaningful connections and taken away super-practical and actionable advicen - all because of attending a She Leads event!

Awards and Certifications
She Leads is proud of our accolades and accomplishments

  • International WinTrade Award

    We're honored to have taken home the International Award for Independent Business Women's Network this May, 2018.

  • Goldman Sachs Tory Burch 10KSB

    Goldman Sachs Tory Burch 10,000 Small Businesses Program

    Cohort V, February 2018

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