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How Women Can Lead During Uncertain Times
January 4, 2021 at 9:30 PM
by Amy Collett
Lost in the city

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched all of our lives in one way or another. But during these uncertain times, women have stepped up as leaders in their professional and personal lives.

If you’re a woman with an important leadership role, you may be wondering how you can polish your skills and continue inspiring confidence in those who turn to you for guidance. By networking with other female leaders through She Leads Media and following these helpful tips, you’ll be able to go further on your leadership journey, even when the future feels unpredictable.

Investing in Education

Sometimes, periods of uncertainty can open your eyes to everything you have yet to learn. Recognizing when you need to invest in yourself to serve others more effectively is one quality of a great leader.

If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge and skillset and becoming a better leader in the process, you may be interested in enrolling in an online degree program. By earning your degree online, you can balance your courses with your job and volunteering commitments. Furthermore, virtual learning is the safest option in light of our current circumstances.

Being Present

During times like these, staying present can be difficult. It’s all too easy to give in to distractions and worry about things we cannot change. But learning to be mindful in the midst of chaos is a crucial skill for every leader to master. If you’re struggling with wandering thoughts, making an effort to be mindful can help you become a better listener, which, in turn, makes you a more trustworthy leader.

Assertive Communication

When it comes to communication styles, women can be hesitant to assert themselves with their words. But when things feel unsteady, being assertive is extremely important. When the people around you are questioning what to do, you need to be the voice of authority. Focus on delivering clear, firm messages. Use “I” statements to present your point of view. If someone is aiming to derail you while you speak, don’t hesitate to reiterate yourself.

Leading With Compassion

Yes, being assertive is necessary. But when the people in your professional and personal circles need your support and advice, being compassionate is equally important. Many people are experiencing hardships, but knowing that they have a compassionate leader to lean on can motivate them to keep moving forward.

To be a more compassionate leader, Entrepreneur recommends emphasizing the exceptional qualities of everyone on your team—working to remove any barriers that are holding them back from doing their best work and paying attention to their emotional patterns.

Authentic Networking

Finally, it helps to seek the counsel of people with extensive experience in your field. Networking is not just about opening up professional doors for yourself; it’s also about learning through mutually beneficial relationships and finding wise mentors. In addition, you should aim to connect with people with exceptional leadership skills and a genuine approach to networking.

It’s easy to form shallow professional relationships, but forging deeper connections takes effort. Ellevate suggests networking through women’s groups and following up with people after events if you had a memorable interaction.

When you’re a leader, you feel a strong sense of responsibility towards those around you. Many female leaders have faced obstacles that taught them to identify and solve problems efficiently, making them especially reliable in times of crisis. If you want to become the best leader that you can be, these tips will help you achieve your goal. And if you’re looking to improve your leadership skills and connect with like-minded women, you will find your community and learn more about leadership through She Leads Media. Visit the blog or sign up for the newsletter today.

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