2019 She Leads Conference for Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs in NYC

November 22nd
(and VIP Evening on November 21st)
Build Your Brand. Grow Your Business. Lead Your Best Life.

She Leads™ 2019: A Different Lens - New Models of Global Leadership and Business

Each year since 2013, the team at She Leads has produced an incredible day-long conference and VIP event for global women leaders and entrepreneurs. 

In previous years, women and men from all over the globe have attended this incredible gathering - from the Netherlands, the UK, India, Canada, the UAE - and from across the US. 

The level and quality of the person that attends the She Leads conferences is second to none. Count yourself among these up-and-coming powerful women leaders and men who support them in every way. Don't miss out on the best conference for women leaders and entrepreneurs in 2019!

More and more women are choosing to pursue their passions, take on leadership roles, supporting global missions or simply establishing more control over their lives. Many women have expressed dissatisfaction with the state of the corporate world and power structures, and are experimenting with forging a different path and seeking out new models for business, leadership and success.

At this year's She Leads conference, we will be honoring these women by opening conversations, exploring what works now and in the future, and offering practical, actionable advice on how you too, can be a successful, thriving, financially independent and influential global citizen. Don't miss out on this important and timely gathering.

Adrienne Garland
Executive Producer & Master of Ceremonies, She Leads 2019

CEO of She Leads Media, Adrienne Garland will be your host for the entire day at the She Leads 2019 Conference.  

Adrienne has curated incredible speakers and crafted an outstanding agenda covering a broad range of topics to help women leaders and entreprenuers to:

  • New Business Models that Support Women
  • Make New Profitable Connections
  • Claim Your Leadership and Take It To The Next Level of Growth & Profitability